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Type 1 Education & Awareness

Education gives people confidence.

We believe people with Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia should not only survive, but thrive. This is only possible if people understand their condition. 

We run three educational programmes.

If someone does not understand their T1D, then they will not be able to manage it. Hello Type 1 makes T1D information easy to access online in local languages.

  • Support People living with T1D

  • Support Caregivers

  • HCPs

  • 8 core topics

  • Adapted into 9 languages by 2023


Hello Type 1 is the first online platform designed to make medical advice about managing T1D accessible in Asia. Topics covered are related to diet, blood glucose monitoring, and exercise and available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Launched in July 2020, HelloType1 is available in English, Khmer, Vietnamese and Thai. A4D plans to roll out the platform across all of its operational countries.


Dr Ban Manet showing someone with T1D and their father how to use HelloType1 to get information.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes can be difficult, especially in countries where awareness of the condition is low. Since 2016, A4D Diabetes Family Camps foster a community among young people with T1D and their families.

  • 16 Family Camps

  • 1200+ Participants

  • 5 Countries


These three young girls arranged to meet up in the town of Pwin Oo Lwin in northern Myanmar. They were different ages, had different hobbies and went to different schools, but they had one thing in common: Type 1 Diabetes. 

They met for the first time at an A4D Diabetes Family Camp in Mandalay. Their freindships remained strong and they continue to share their experiences of living with Type 1 Diabetes and cycling expertise!

A4D Diabetes Family Camps


The ASPIRE programme provides scholarships for further education and training to young people with T1D from low-income households. Too often, T1D leads to children dropping out of school, and losing life ambitions. ASPIRE gives young people aspirations.

  • Academic scholarship: 3 T1D from Thailand

  • Vocational scholarship: 1 T1D from Laos

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