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A4D features in leading UK-diabetes publication

An article introducing A4D to the British diabetes care community has been published.

The article, written by A4D co-founders and Associate Prof May Ng, Action4Diabetes: A UK charity revolutionising type 1 diabetes healthcare across South-East Asia’ affirmed A4D as the only UK NGO providing comprehensive partnership programmes with defined clinics in South-East Asia.

A4D is the only NGO in the region that guarantees ongoing supplies of free insulin and blood glucose meters. It also actively tracks HbA1c outcomes across the majority of supported countries in the region.

The stories of the two young people with Type 1 Diabetes, Pasil and Borey, bring the article to life and shows the charity’s human impact.

A4D supporter, Simon Deer, said: “Simply amazing: A4D has progressed so far since early beginnings.

“The personal stories of Pasil or ‘Little Fish’ in Laos and Broey in Cambodia really embed the message.

“The fact the charity has developed the ‘complete package’ with HbA21c tracking, scholarships, family involvement, camps and monitoring adds considerable longevity to your actions. This is, of course in addition to training and raising professional awareness with medical staff.”

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