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People with Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia need help

Life-saving medical care is too hard to reach for many. Our Clinic Support Programme helps disadvantaged young people with Type 1 Diabetes access insulin and other supplies they need to survive for free.

A4D Clinic Support Programme

Access to basic healthcare is a human right. Our Clinic Support Programme means that no matter where someone is from, or how much money they have, they can regularly inject insulin and test their blood sugar levels.

Since starting in 2015, A4D has:

Provided continual T1D support to 900+ disadvantaged young people.

Conducted over 6700 HbA1c tests in under-resourced care settings.

Partnered with 37 T1D clinics across six countries.

Supplied 120,000+ cartridges of life-saving insulin for free.

Enabled 4.4+ million blood glucose tests

What does continual support mean?

The care we provide is not sporadic. Each young person that joins our Clinic Support Programme will have free access to insulin and essential medical care until they can live independently.

A4D has a unique capacity to closely monitor the progress of the young people we support across South-East Asia. Our commitment is to give each individual the opportunity to live a full and active life alongside the condition.

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