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Clinic Support Programme

People with Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia need help.

Life-saving medical care is too hard to reach for many. Our Clinic Support Programme helps disadvantaged young people with Type 1 Diabetes access insulin and other supplies they need to survive for free.

Clinic Support Programme

Access to basic healthcare is a human right. Our Clinic Support Programme means that no matter where someone with T1D lives or how much money they have, they can regularly inject insulin and test their blood sugar levels.

Provided 120k+ insulin cartridges

Since starting in 2015, A4D has:

Provided continual T1D support to 900+ young people

Conducted 6.7k+ HbA1c tests

Enabled 4.4 million+ glucose tests

In parts of South-East Asia,

Type 1 Diabetes is still fatal

The first person successfully diagnosed and treated for Type 1 Diabetes in Laos was in 2016.


Up until this point, anyone who developed the condition who could not afford care from outside the country’s healthcare system did not survive.

Pasil arrived at hospital in diabetic coma after a two day journey in the back of pick-up truck. Luckily, A4D had just began operations at the hospital. Her life was saved, and she began to receive continual medical care for free from A4D.

She is now a healthy and happy young lady, who is going to school and has aspirations for the future.

The charity now supports close to 60 disadvantaged people in Laos through our medical support programme.

A Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis can lock a household in poverty and take away life-chances for whoIe families.

Joane is a promising young Taekwondo athlete. However, when she developed T1D at 14, her mother struggled to afford the care which took up 50% of her income. The financial difficulties meant Joane could not progress in her sport. 

When A4D began to cover her medical costs, Joane could return to training. She went on to win the two gold medal at the Junior ASEAN Games.

Households can be forced to spend 50% of their income on T1D care

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