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DigiHealth Innovations

Many people struggle to manage Type 1 Diabetes because sources of information are not accessible and hospital clinics can be hundreds of kilometres away.

Here are the digital innovations helping us breakdown barriers to health.

Hello Type 1 is the first online platform designed to make medical advice about managing T1D accessible in Asia. Topics covered are related to diet, blood glucose monitoring, and exercise and available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Visit: 

In partnership with Data Cross, we have established a new GDPR-compliant centralised database for the medical history data of the disadvantage young people in our care on the Medical Support Programme. 

Previously, information was held on Excel spreadsheets updated monthly by our partner hospitals. But Data Cross has modernised our data collection and storage processes, enabling us to draw data-driven insights and scale-up our operations.

Learn more: DATA CROSS

Data Cross: Putting numbers to work

Many disadvantaged people with T1D must travel hundreds of kilometres to see a specialist doctor or nurse. The distance and time the journey takes represent a significant barrier to healthcare. 

So A4D has launched BlueSky Action, an initiative to digitise blood glucose data and automate information sharing. It will give HCPs round-the-clock visibility of a person’s condition, no matter where they live and improve the prevention of dangerous T1D episodes.

BlueSky Action: Digitisation of T1D care process

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