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A4D add two new Type 1 Diabetes clinics in Malaysia

Action4Diabetes (A4D) added two new sites in Malaysia to take the total number of A4D Clinics across South-East Asia from 22 to 24.

Likas Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Putrajaya Hospital joined the A4D Clinic Support Programme, boosting access to Type 1 Diabetes care for disadvantaged people in the country.

A4D now supports 45 young people with free, ongoing access to blood testing strips in Malaysia from our five sites. Without this support, many families would struggle to afford the cost of care with a knock-on effect on health outcomes for their children.

A4D Regional Manager Fiona Ooi said: “We are delighted to expand our operations in Malaysia. Everyone has a right to Type 1 Diabetes care, and we can already see the collaboration with the two new sites benefiting disadvantaged people with Type 1 Diabetes in the country through improved access to blood glucose testing equipment.

“It is fantastic to work closely with the teams at both Putrajaya Hospital and Likas Women and Children’s Hospital (HWKKS). They are hugely committed to providing Type 1 Diabetes healthcare in the region and it is a pleasure to work with HCPs who share our dedication. Together we are able to make a real difference.”

A huge thank you from A4D to the teams at both Putrajaya Hospital and Likas Women’s and Children’s Hospital for their collaboration and support, especially to Dr Alexis, Dr Nalini, Dr Lim Song Hai and SN Aisyah.

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