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A4D at five years old

We have made it to the grand age of five!

A4D became a UK-registered charity in April 2015. We now provide ongoing care to 530 young people across six countries.

These are people from disadvantaged communities who, without us, would not have insulin to inject and kit to test their blood sugar levels.

But the charity has had to evolve. It became clear that our mission to save and empower lives would take more than just providing T1D medication. We needed to foster T1D communities and help boost existing healthcare systems to improve diagnosis rates.

So then came the A4D Family Camps and the Healthcare Capacity Building programme. We will also soon launch HelloType1, a groundbreaking digital platform the makes Type 1 Diabetes knowledge easy to access in regional languages.

Out of the five years, the last 12-months have probably been the toughest. But we have had some fantastic support from individuals and companies.

In particular, Baxter International and Zuellig Pharma really stepped up by taking on a Mission4Type1 – our virtual missions for corporations. Thousands of people took part, and thousands of dollars were raised.

So a massive thank you to them and everyone who has made our journey possible.

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