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A4D cofounder's seven-day Alps biking challenge to fundraise for T1D children in SEA

UPDATE: Jerry and his team of two bikers successfully completed this year’s Insulin360 challenge. The trio cycled a total of 367Km with a total elevation of 13,400m. 360 Km in seven days, an average of six injections/day and 2 minor hypos, week full of thrilling trails and breath taking views made this adventure challenging yet rewarding for the team.

Together they were able to raise € 15,000 for disadvantaged chidren and young people with T1D in SE Asia.

On behalf of whole A4D team and children we support in SE Asia, we’d extend a huge thanks to all of our supporters.

Our co-founder Jerry Gore will embark on a week-long mountain biking challenge in the Southern Alps to help raise funds and awareness for deprived children and young people living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in South-East Asia from 20th August 2022.

Jerry Gore, A record-breaking British mountaineer with Type 1 Diabetes always says “Diabetes is not an excuse! we are defined by what we do, not by the challenges that we face”

He and Charles Toomey started Action4Diabetes (A4D) in 2016 when they visited Myanmar and realised young people in South-East Asian countries need better medical infrastructure focused on T1D.

Since then Jerry has been organizing Jerry’s Insulin Challenge every year to raise awareness and funds for the charity. It is a seven-day mountain bike challenge covering 360 kilometres in length with 17,500 meters of elevation.

Jerry and his team of six riders will attempt to traverse the entire Southern French Alps all on mountain bikes – arguably the most spectacular multi-day mountain bike trail in Europe. His team includes pro athletes, a UK actor and two riders with T1D. His target is to raise €25,000 for A4D.

This year it’s the Insulin Challenge 360, the reason for the title “Insulin360” is because it directly relates to the total distance of the challenge, and it also gives a message that A4D provides complete all-around support for the children with T1D on their programmes. In addition to insulin, A4D offers young people T1D education, psychosocial counselling, and peer group support, for them, their family members and their caregivers. A4D also gives comprehensive training for the health care professionals.

Join Jerry in raising funds for the children in SEA to give them health and hope. Read more details about the challenge here

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