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A4D’s South-East Asian Regional meeting attended by over 75 Healthcare Professionals

Over 75 health experts attended the second T1D South-East Asia Regional Healthcare Professionals Network Meeting hosted by A4D on 26th May 2022.

A4D co-founder Charles Toomey, welcomed the assembly of healthcare professionals and discussed advancing Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) care through formation of strategic partnerships between health authorities,NGOs and corporates. He also emphasised the importance of joint effort in strengthening advocacy and psychosocial support for the T1D Community.

The virtual event was chaired by A4D’s Volunteer Chief Medical Advisor, Prof May Ng who also presented A4D’s first ever peer-reviewed paper on “Closing the T1D gap in South-East Asia through government partnership working with non-government organizations” published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice journal. Full paper is available to read here

Key findings from this paper are:

  • Mean HbA1c from these countries varies from 8.3% to 10.8%, whereas recommended HbA1c by ISPAD is <6.5%

  • There is no government health coverage for blood glucose monitoring in any of the five countries which makes it extremely difficult, almost impossible to manage T1D.

  • Mostly two out of five countries have very limited access to a multi-disciplinary team which includes dieticians, psychologists, physicians and adult endocrinologists in surveyed SEA region.

T1D management during late adolescence and emerging adulthood is a common yet tough challenge faced by healthcare providers around the world. Here at the meeting, Prof Taninee Sahakitrungruang from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand shared the experience of a multidisciplinary approach in helping the transition from pediatric to adult care in T1D, aiming at improved outcomes and adherence to clinic appointments.”.

It’s encouraging to watch the active discussions between the participants and guest speakers that made the event such a lively and engaging one. “It’s such a good platform to connect with the experts from other countries. Thanks to the A4D team for always organizing this!” said Dr Vutha from Cambodia. Thank you everyone who participated at the meeting. We look forward to welcoming more participants in the next meeting. See you again!

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