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A4D’s T1D educational platform is now available in Thai

Our groundbreaking educational platform HelloType1 which aims to educate, empower and engage the community in South-East Asia with accessible and accurate information about Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is now available in the Thai language.

The HelloType1 website and associated Facebook pages, aim to support young people with T1D and their families through early diagnosis and management of this condition, as well as help the professional development of healthcare practitioners.

T1D is a condition that requires disciplined management of calorie intake, regular blood sugar monitoring and timely injecting of insulin. It is essential that people with T1D are able to independently manage their condition in order to lead a healthier life ahead. To achieve this their carers, parents and healthcare providers must support them by providing them with accurate information. This is where HelloType1 steps into the picture.

HelloType1 is developed with the help of expert paediatricians and clinical practitioners, as well as accredited resources such as the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the International Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) to provide only reliable information.

The content is translated into the local language with the help of our esteemed partners Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and The School fo Global Health. The programme is also endorsed by the Diabetes Association of Thailand.

HelloType1 is available in four languages: English, Khmer, Vietnamese and now Thai.

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