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Advancing T1D Care: Empowering Nurses Through Collaborative Training in Cambodia

August 2023 – In the realm of healthcare, continuous education and honing of skills are pivotal in delivering optimal patient care. The recent Type 1 Diabetes Nurse Training Workshop, which took place on August 5th, 2023, at Kantha Bopha II Hospital in Cambodia, stands as a testament to the commitment of the local healthcare professionals to elevate standards of care. The workshop was organised by Action4Diabetes (A4D) in partnership with distinguished hospitals in Cambodia; Preah Kossamak Hospital, National Paediatric Hospital, and Kantha Bopha Hospitals. Generous funding for the workshop was provided by Sanofi Global Health Unit (GHU), reflecting the company’s unwavering dedication to enhancing health capacity building efforts.

Sanofi GHU is making a difference in under-resourced regions by building healthcare partnerships, their sponsorship of this workshop is evident how synergistic partnerships make such a profound difference in outcomes.

With an assembly of 31 dedicated nurses, the workshop commenced with an inaugural address by Professor Touch Khun from Cambodia – China Friendship Preah Kossamak Hospital. Professor Khun articulated, “The significance of multidisciplinary care for effective Type 1 Diabetes management is paramount. Collaboration amongst healthcare professionals is instrumental in achieving improved patient outcomes and enhancing their quality of life.” His words underscored the importance of coordinated efforts in healthcare and set the tone for a day of enlightening discussions and skill-building exercises.

Action4Diabetes (A4D) played a pivotal role in orchestrating this transformative training event which begun weeks before. Utilising material from our very own HelloType1 digital education platform in the local Khmer language, this hybrid training started with Phase 1 of online self-study on 8 core topics from the HelloType1 website coupled with weekly tutorials led by doctors from participating hospitals. Each weekly tutorial concludes in assessments for each module in preparation for Phase 2, the full-day physical workshop.

The full-day workshop was more technical and encompassed a hands-on approach tailored to enrich the comprehension and proficiency of diabetes nurses in areas of blood glucose testing and insulin injections. Participants engaged in in-depth discussions while working on case studies encouraging practical aspects of carbohydrate counting and food exchange, equipping them with the expertise to provide comprehensive dietary guidance to their patients. In addition to technical aspects of T1D, the workshop also covered a holistic view of T1D management, including sessions on the psychosocial aspect of T1D as well as educating patients on self-management.

This initiative epitomizes the transformative potential of collaboration and education in the healthcare arena. Professor Malene Iv from Kantha Bopha hospital in Phnom Penh shared her thoughts, “Such a new idea for training nurses fully in our local language, could only be made possible because of the partnership between A4D and all participating hospitals. We look forward to more in the future”.

The partnership displayed by Action4Diabetes and participating hospitals, coupled with the generous support of Sanofi GHU, signifies the shared commitment to elevate healthcare standards in Cambodia and beyond.

The nurses who participated in this workshop embody an unwavering commitment to their patients. The compassion they demonstrate in their capacity as nurses is now fortified with enhanced skills, ensuring individuals grappling with Type 1 Diabetes receive unparalleled care and support. The ripple effect of this workshop will be experienced within homes, communities, and hospitals across Cambodia, as the nurses disseminate their newfound expertise among peers and patients.

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