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Data scientists volunteer to give A4D a numbers boost

Data scientists from Switzerland are working with A4D to improve organisational efficiency and extract valuable insights into the state of Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia.

DataCross and CorrelAid Switzerland, a voluntary group aiming to multiply the social impact of NGOs through data services, is currently centralising A4D’s historical data for analysis that will inform charity decision making.

In the next step, the data scientists will streamline the charity’s data management process, helping save valuable time and allowing the charity to spot trends and react to urgent medical requirements.

All data collection is done in compliance with GDPR.

Founder of DataCross Dylan Muir said: “A4D really meets exactly what we look for in a partner: a very positive social mission, a need for our data science work, and a project where we can build something long-lasting to benefit the NGO.

“We were impressed by the outsized impact that A4D has had on the communities in which they work.

“You could not ask for a more positive charitable goal than providing literally life-saving healthcare to children who would otherwise go without.

“If we can make A4D more efficient, that frees up more effort for their charitable work and means that our volunteer work has also had social impact. That’s what drives us.”

Tyla Martin, who is the Clinic Support Programme manager at A4D, said: “We are delighted to be working with Data Cross on revolutionising the way that we store and analyse our data.

“Their expertise and skills in streamlining our data management processes are going to make a real difference to how we operate and in turn will benefit the lives you the young people we support.”

A big thanks to Data Cross for their voluntary support and for joining us on our mission to support disadvantaged young people living with Type 1 Diabetes.

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