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First South-East Asia T1D network meeting hosted by A4D

Over 60 people joined the first network meeting for people interested in the state of Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia took place last week.

A4D updated the assembly on Patient Support Group progress across the region and presented a report on 5-year findings of Type 1 Diabetes care in Laos.

Chaired by our voluntary Cheif Medical Advisor A/Prof May Ng with input from Singaporean diabetes nurse educator Lim Pei Kwee and others, the event was the first of its kind.

A4D T1D Network meetings aim to facilitate best practice sharing and case discussions, advocating better medical and psychosocial support for the Type 1 Diabetes community in the region.

Empowering the T1D Community in South-East Asia through the network meetings and the new A4D Webinars is a crucial part of the work we are doing to ensure disadvantaged young people can live full and active lives alongside the condition.

A huge thank you to all those who joined and especially to Anne-Charlotte Ficheroulle, A4D’s Digital Innovation Manager, for running the event.

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