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Give It Your 100: A4D run virtual exercise race with Zuellig Pharma

To celebrate World Diabetes Day 2021, A4D is running a 9-day challenge for thousands of Zuellig Pharma employees to raise money and awareness for disadvantaged young people with Type 1 Diabetes.

Teams from the markets Zuellig Pharma operates in will race on a virtual map from the University of Toronto in Canada to the company’s HQ in Singapore, with the aim to raise US$100,000 to support A4D’s operations in South-East Asia.

Participants can contribute to their team’s distance through the completion of any exercise type.

If all 16 teams finish the distance, Zuellig Pharma will donate enough money to support 200 young people with life-saving care for a whole year.

The theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day – Insulin at 100 – celebrates the discovery of the drop a century ago, while raising awareness of the fact that many people still struggle to access it.

Speaking ahead of the event, A4D lead Nick Toomey said:

“It is fantastic to bring so many people together from around the world for the A4D cause on World Diabetes Day, especially at a time when the pandemic has made us all feel further apart.”

“Once again, Zuellig Pharma has shown incredible commitment to ensuring young people in South-East Asia have access to basic healthcare. They have given it their 100% with a potential donation rising to US$100k. A huge thank you to them!”

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