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International recognition for A4D’s work in Laos

The first-ever report on Type 1 Diabetes outcomes in Laos was presented by A4D at the International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes’s (ISPAD) annual conference last week.

Our voluntary Chief Medical Advisor, A/Prof May Ng, shared insights gathered by A4D and healthcare partners on the ground over the last 5-years.

Watch the presentation below from A/Prof May Ng! It gives a snapshot of A4D’s progress in the country and is also a reminder that more work needs to be done to ensure that everyone with Type 1 Diabetes has the healthy and happy future they deserve.

A4D began operation in Laos in 2016, providing covering the emergency healthcare costs of a child who was in a diabetic coma. This child, called Pasil, became the first person to ever be successfully diagnosed and treated for the condition in the country.

A4D now support over 45 disadvantaged young people in the country.

A huge thank you to our colleagues and friends in Laos who helped us put together the report and, of course, to May for her ongoing dedication to our shared cause.

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