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‘Landmark’ meeting of Type 1 Diabetes Healthcare Professionals from UK and South-East Asia

Eighteen experts in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) care met for the first A4D Healthcare Professionals Advisory Group meeting this June.

The first of its kind event brought together interdisciplinary healthcare professionals (HCPs) from across South-East Asia (SEA) and the United Kingdom (UK) to share experiences, learnings and opportunities relating to T1D healthcare across SEA.

The group is chaired by A4D’s voluntary Chief Medical Advisor Dr May Ng and aims to further facilitate improvements in outcomes for people with T1D across the SEA region.

See the full list of HCPs in the A4D Advisory group HERE.

Speaking after the meeting, Dr May said: “The meeting was a great success. I was really pleased with the enthusiasm and collaborative spirit.

“We are all keen to work together and help people with Type 1 Diabetes in the SEA.”

Conclusions from the meeting included:

  • A need to boost advocacy around the condition from people with T1D and their parents

  • Raise T1D awareness to encourage governments to begin or extend universal healthcare for people with T1D

  • Establish and improve learning around psychological support for people with T1D

  • Improve the utilisation and skills of nurses, who play a key role in the management of T1D

A4D’s mission is to save and empower the lives of all people with T1D across the SEA region.

The charity currently provides ongoing support to over 530 young people from disadvantaged communities in six countries across SEA, with plans for this to increase to over 1000 people by 2023.

A4D works in close partnership with over 20 local hospitals and HCP partners and hopes to add sites in Indonesia and the Philippines over the next 12-months.

On the first HCPs Advisory Group meeting, A4D Co-founder Charles Toomey, said: “It is fantastic to bring together highly respected Doctors and other HCPs from across SEA and the UK who all have a commitment to dramatically improve the survival rates and life opportunities for disadvantaged young people with T1D.

“The extensive practical expertise and energy levels are impressive. Through participating in this landmark advisory group, we expect that as a team we can make tremendous progress, saving and empowering the lives of many across SEA”

HCP Advisory Group meetings are set to take place two to three times a year.

The group will help to ensure people with the condition have access to not only life-saving medication, but also healthcare expertise that will empower them to not only survive but thrive.

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