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Scientific paper shows desperate need for further Type 1 Diabetes action in South-East Asia

The first report on blood glucose control in people with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) from South-East Asian countries was published by the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes (BSPED) last month.

Written by A4D, the paper shows an average HbA1C result of 9.7% in 383 people, which is 2.7% higher than the recommended level along with high DKA rates at diagnosis.

Action4Diabetes remain the only NGO providing continual support to disadvantaged people with T1D in the region, and has over 580 people on their medical support programme.

Our Medical Support Programme helps disadvantaged young people with Type 1 Diabetes access insulin and other supplies they need to survive for free.

The report concluded:

“In many low-to-middle income countries, lack of infrastructure and universal health coverage adversely affect T1D outcomes.

“A4D partnering with local government to support CYP with T1D from diagnosis to adulthood is the first step to improving T1D outcomes in SEA.”

The BSPED published report contains data from young people on the charity’s Medical Support Programme recorded from 2020 – 2021.

An extract of the report was also featured at the International Society of Paediatric Endocrinology (ISPAD) 2021 conference, delivered by A/Prof May Ng. Recording below.

Big thank you to our Chief Medical Advisor, A/Prof May Ng for helping pull the report together. Also, to the HCPs who supported the report: Prof Maleve Iv, Dr Myint Nilar, Dr Khaysy Rassavong, Dr Chi Dung Vu, Dr Florence HS Tan and Prof Ngee Lek.

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