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Type 1 Diabetes K2 Insulin Challenge: A4D’s Jerry Gore takes on the world’s toughest mountain

A4D co-founder, Jerry Gore, is aiming to become the first British person with Type 1 Diabetes to ever climb K2 this summer.

If successful, Jerry, 60, will be the oldest person with the condition to ever summit the world’s second-highest peak that stands at 8,611 metres.

Through attempting this challenge of a lifetime, Jerry wants to show people with Type 1 should be defined by what they do, not by the challenges they face.

Jerry said: “Like all those who live with a physical or mental illness, I am only disabled by the way society views me. My health issues are mine to conquer and deal with, but not to be judged by.

“K2 represents my mountaineering dream and I will not let Type 1 Diabetes hold me back from my ambitions.

I believe we are all defined by what we do, not by the challenges we face.”

You can support Jerry, who is raising money for Action4Diabetes, on his JustGiving Page. He is trying to raise £1 for every foot climbed.

Jerry will leave for Pakistan on 14th June 2021 with climbing partner Rick Allen, 66, one of the UK’s most distinguished and experienced mountaineers.

They will climb without the use of supplementary oxygen and with temperatures getting down to -40C, Jerry will have to be careful not to let his insulin freeze.

If you would like to contact Jerry on his expedition, reach out to

Learn more about Jerry’s expedition on his website.

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