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Zuellig Pharma and A4D Unite Again for ZP4Health Challenge, Raising Funds for Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes in South-East Asia

May 2024A4D is proud to announce the continuation of its collaboration with long-time partner Zuellig Pharma, improving access to healthcare for children in A4D’s programme in Southeast Asia through an innovative employee engagement initiative.

Since 2017, Zuellig Pharma and A4D had joined forces to improve the lives of individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in Southeast Asia. Zuellig Pharma has consistently supported A4D’s mission, and this year was no different. In conjunction with Zuellig Pharma’s Improving Health Outcomes Week, the third iteration of ZP4Health Challenge witnessed the participation of over 2,000 Zuellig Pharma employees across the region. Through a variety of exercises and group activities, Zuellig Pharma employees raised an amazing 100,000USD in just four days! The amount raised will positively impact the lives of 200 children living with T1D in A4D’s programme.

The ZP4Health Challenge was designed to be both engaging and versatile, offering exercises that catered to different fitness levels, from simple routines to more challenging activities. The sense of camaraderie among the different markets was palpable as teams competed for the top spot in the four-day event. The combination of group events fostering market unity and individual goals ensured that there was something for everyone.

The week-long event culminated in a webinar featuring Candy Gan, a T1D advocate and co-author of a children’s book about Type 1 Diabetes. She delivered an inspiring message on Having a Winning Mindset, sharing her personal journey and struggle with T1D, concluding with a powerful takeaway: “The only one who loses is the one who gives up.”

A4D is honoured to have such a synergistic partnership with Zuellig Pharma, as we continue to Take on Type 1 in the regions we served. Together, we can work to truly making healthcare more accessible to those who need it most. Click here for the highlights of this year’s ZP4Health event.

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